West Coast Cannabis Club offers a varied range of strains and product types to suit the unique preferences of every user, but do you know what to look for when choosing your cannabis to meet your needs? Here, we aim to shed light on the various effects that cannabis usage can have on consumers to enhance their understanding and help promote responsible usage.

Common Cannabis Effects


Probably the most quintessential cannabis effect is relaxation, and for good reason. Indica strains in particular offer varying levels of relaxation to consumers that can assist with stress relief, insomnia, anxiety, or even pain management for medical users. Depending on potency and strain, relaxing effects may be as mild as a general calming sense or as strong as a whole-body experience.


The opposite effect of the prior, Sativa strains are predominantly responsible for the energy boost that can be attained through cannabis consumption. These strains are often advised to be used during the daytime and are popular with festival-goers and social consumers.


Despite the popular portrayal of cannabis consumers as being out-of-sorts, some strains actually provide a focusing effect that helps users to maintain attention in an otherwise overstimulating environment. Be sure to ask your budtenders about side effects, however, as some focusing strains can also deliver an unwanted side effect of paranoia.


Believe it or not, many people turn to cannabis to aid in stimulating appetite! Everyone is familiar with the term “the munchies”, but strains that can provoke hunger are actually very helpful to medical or recreational consumers who struggle with eating regularly.


The sleep-inducing cannabis strains are a step beyond the relaxation effect. A true assistant in treating insomnia, cannabis with a sleepy effect can bring great relief to those who are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep.


Perhaps the most physiological rather than emotional or mental effect, certain strains of cannabis can evoke a tingling sensation throughout the consumer’s body. The intensity of this varies depending on the strain, but it isn’t unpleasant, and the effect tends to be prevalent among strains that are known to give users a full-body high.


Some types of cannabis work extremely well as a natural choice for mood elevation. Those suffering from depression and anxiety often find the most benefits from these types of strains, but most consumers wouldn’t object to feeling an uplifting happiness during consumption!

Cannabis Effects Vary by Consumer

Keep in mind that cannabis effects are subjective and vary based on factors such as an individual’s tolerance, body composition, the manner of consumption, etc. Furthermore, remember that possession and use of cannabis should be within the legal realms of California state laws. Explore the city around you, and enjoy safe, responsible consumption of cannabis.

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